About Us

BRISMET has been an industry leader in stainless, duplex, super duplex, 6 moly, nickel alloy and titanium welded steel pipe manufacture since 1941.

Our experienced sales, technical, quality control and production groups can meet the toughest project and piping requirements for your project whether it entails 10,000 feet or 10 feet. We have experience in all major market segments including oil/gas, power/energy, nuclear, chemical/petrochemical, water/waste water, pulp and paper, mining, food and beverage and pharmaceutical.

With manufacturing capabilities from ½” to 144” (12.7 millimeters to 4 meters) in diameter, BRISMET has supplied welded steel pipe to some of the world’s largest projects. Our quality control programs for ISO, NSF-61, PED and ASTM/ASME allow us to meet the most demanding pipe specifications from tolerances to testing. We also maintain an extensive approved manufacturers list (AML) to stand ready for any pipe project requirements.

Please take a moment to view our entire website and learn how our ability to provide stainless steel, alloy and titanium welded pipe, quick turnaround on inquiries and our ability to deliver finished product within tight schedules, makes BRISMET your best choice for welded pipe.