Manufacturing Services


BRISMET uses a variety of forming processes. Our continuous mills can form pipe to 16” (400mm) in 60 foot (18 meter) lengths. Our tandem presses can form up to 36” diameter (900 mm) in 48 foot (15 meter) lengths.

Our mechanical roll forming equipment can form pipe in lengths to 20 feet (6 meters) and gauges to 1” (25.4 mm) thicknesses. Thicker materials can also be formed through our joint venture partnerships to 3” or 75 mm.


BRISMET autogenously (without addition of filler metal) welds thickness up to 0.688”, (17.5 mm). We offer welded with filler metal thicknesses to 1” or 25.4 mm.

BRISMET employs TIG and plasma arc electric fusion welding processes. Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and plasma arc welding (PAW) are used exclusively. Products 2” (50mm) and larger are double welded for higher joint efficiencies.

Cold Working / Planishing

BRISMET provides full cold working or planishing of the weld bead for ½” to 36” diameter (12.5mm to 1 meter) pipe. For our continuous mill products, we cold work the weld bead in- line with our forming and welding process.For all other products, our secondary processing operations can perform all cold working and planishing requirements.

Heat Treatment

Heat treating is an integral part of the BRISMET total production solution. With the capability of heat treating materials in both full furnaces and in localized heat treating processes, BRISMET can handle any type of requirement. This includes heat treating materials up to 144” O.D. and up to 60’ foot in length. We offer in-line and off-line heat-treating capabilities to ensure specification and product requirements are met.

When it comes to heat treating requirements, rest assured that BRISMET can meet all of your specialized needs.

Surface Finishing

BRISMET offers complete state-of-the-art, on-site pickling/passivation services to support any domestic or international pipe need. Currently operating five tanks and two rinse tanks, we maintain the ability to pickle and passivate pipe up to 72” in diameter and up to 60’ long. In addition to our pickling and passivating capabilities, we also offer comprehensive I.D. and O.D. sandblasting services done per customer request or specification requirement.

When looking for quality and cost-effective pickling, passivating and/or sandblasting services from a company with over 60 years of industry expertise, look no further than BRISMET.

End Preparation

BRISMET can supply its full product line beveled and with end protection. We bevel per ASME B16.25 or we can meet your special beveling requirements. Our machine beveling capabilities will meet all of your requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs.

X-Ray / Testing

BRISMET offers complete in-house x-ray services for all stainless steel, duplex stainless, nickel alloy and related material types. Our quality control and testing processes are an integral part of our complete product offering. We offer both digital and film based x-ray processing and maintain our records per all specification requirements.

The ability to provide in-house radiographic examination of longitudinal welding as well as any circumferential welds, in addition to base material chemical analysis, allows us to insure consistent on-site control of all manufactured pipe. As such, you can be assured that all materials produced by BRISMET will meet the most stringent requirements.

Whether you are looking for a single-source welded pipe supplier with in-house x-ray capability or you are in need of outsourced x-ray services for your specific project, contact BRISMET sales.