Additional Services


BRISMET can offer you freight and logistical advantages. Our well-located operation in the Southeastern United States provides freight savings to most locations with easy access to port facilities as well.

We combine our plant location advantage with our company- owned fleet of trucks to provide even more cost savings and delivery performance to your project. Our extensive material storage capabilities offers yet another benefit, pre-manufacture of your piping needs and delivery to your site as needed.

In order to meet stringent project timelines and deliveries, BRISMET can utilize our 80 acre facility to produce, store and deliver on a just-in-time basis to your project. We can also utilize this service to manage firm pricing on long-term project requirements. By buying the complete material list at the outset of a project, we can lock in material costs for the entire project life-cycle and store them at our location fully insured.

When material delivery time is critical to your projects success, think of BRISMET as your guaranteed on-time delivery source.

Project Management

BRISMET has a broad experience at providing project specific services with our pipe sales.

We provide databooks, project scheduling, testing services, inspections accommodation, color coding and special packaging and crating. Please contact our sales department to discuss your specific project and piping requirements.