Titanium Pipe

For Titanium welded pipe and tube, BRISMET has a diverse production range, offering pipe sizes ranging from ½” to 144” (Nominal Pipe Size) and tubing sizes upon request. Additionally, we have unmatched wall thickness, length and testing capabilities.

To ensure that a quality product is supplied, BRISMET maintains ISO 9001:2008, PED, ASME U and ASME Nuclear (NPT) certifications. Our commitment to quality is validated by our acceptance on most major Authorized Manufacturers Lists (AMLs).

The specification for Titanium welded pipe is B862.

Some pipe sizes are available from inventory; please inquire. For project requirements, we are able to offer a complete range of welded pipe products from production.

Alloy UNS Description
TiGr7 R52400 Grade 7 is a commercially pure titanium grade very similar to Grade 2 except Grade 7 contains 0.2wt% palladium. This small palladium addition resists crevice corrosion at temperature below 480 Deg F and a pH>1.
TiGr2 R50400 Commercially Pure Grade 2 titanium is the work horse of the commercially pure Ti grades. It is slightly stronger than Grade 1, but equally as corrosion resistant in a wide variety of environments.