Our Company

Synalloy Metals is our brand name which references three operating business units. The name “Synalloy” references our parent (Synalloy Corporation, SYNL) and “Metals” refers to our three units that produce tubular welded steel products and services.

BRISMET, located in Bristol, TN, produces a diverse line of stainless steel, high nickel alloy, duplex, super duplex, titanium and moly grades of welded pipe for consumption throughout the world. BRISMET produces welded pipe sizes from ½” to 144” (12.7 millimeters to 4 meters) in diameter and operates 190,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. BRISMET is a United Steel Workers plant represented by Local 4586.

All operating units of Synalloy Metals promote strong core values that encompass Safety, quality, productivity, community service, employee development, financial growth and shareholder value. We operate under a comprehensive Safety Program to reshape our culture and reduce our accident rates to world class levels. Our quality plans and certifications drive us to better serve our customers and markets. We are proud of the gains we have made in our community outreach programs and our employees for their participation. Our vision of financial strength and growth align all of our activities to ultimately increase shareholder value.